About us

Vision, Mission and Values




SRP is an acronym of three Lithuanian words: SUMANYMAS (Idea), REALIZAVIMAS (Realisation), and PATIKIMUMAS (Reliability). They define the core values of our company.
An IDEA is the cornerstone of any project.
During REALISATION the project is perfected down to the finest detail in order to ensure its smooth and effective implementation.
RELIABILITY means both the high quality of our work and good relations with our partners and clients.

Our vision
To implement IDEAS by designing a modern, safe and convenient transport infrastructure and to become a recognised leader in the design of transport infrastructure.

Our mission
The REALISATION of transport infrastructure projects by providing high quality services and meeting our clients' needs to the fullest extent possible.

Our values
RELIABILITY – fulfilling obligations and solving problems in a responsible way. We assume full responsibility for our projects.

Quality policy

We always strive for only the best results!

Because we strive for the highest quality and settle for nothing short of excellence, we try to outperform ourselves with each new project, however difficult it may be.

The personnel policy adopted by the management of SRP Projektas UAB is to nurture highly qualified and versatile employees who are able to solve intricate problems. Our company's employees know the entire design process, not just the individual tasks of a project. Work is done by certified specialists.

Our company's projects feature various innovations that allow us to achieve maximum added value by working together with clients and partners. Optimal solutions are found by working closely with the client. We always strive for only the best results.

SRP Projektas has begun to use innovative Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes. Our company's specialists use legal software, which is constantly updated and upgraded with various add-ons. A strong focus is placed on staff training.